Padrons Secret


*Padron x Bayadnia


Padrons Secrets is one of the typiest of all of the *Padron sons.  With his unique color and extreme head, he is a wonder to all that see him.  He was bred for an extremely typey Arabian head, which he does have—a *Padron look alike.  With his tail female line being *Nariadni, that and Crabbet make Padrons Secret the culmination of years of breeding for extreme type and athletic ability.

Though we have a lot of kind and gentle Eluzcion sons on our farm, this *Padron son has a very kind disposition and loves people.  This comes from a lot of human contact since the day he was born (when Carolyn practically lived in the barn for awhile :)  His barn name is Scooter as a play of words from Secret and, of course, his energy for running and playing.

SCIDS Carrier

Pedigree for Padrons Secret
1995 Chestnut Arabian Stallion, AHR*529775
*Padron Patron Aswan Nazeer
Podruga Priboj
Odessa Bright Wings Bright Shadow
Silent Wings
Serinda Seradin
Bayadnia *Nariadni Nabeg Arax
Nariadnaia Aswan
Ferseyn Aegina IBN Ferseyn Ferseyn
Enola Gay
Gazett Ga'Zi
Luahana Arabians
Carolyn Cameron, manager
Eatonville, Washington

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