HR Eluzcion


BA Bey Elation x HR Dancin Fame

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He's sired a number of winning foals though he's still a young horse himself, and he's sure to continue producing winners in years to come. His foals aren't just winning in the local arenas, but are also placing as champions and high on the cards at the regional and national levels.

We're very proud to own such a fine stallion and have him on our farm.  More than just a perfect example of Arabian type and quality, he has a very kind and gentle dispostion and his eagerness to show off in the ring just adds to his list of great attributes.

Careful line breeding to the great National Champions *Bask and Raffon have created an extraordinary stallion with the style of Bey Shah, the substance of Bay El Bey, the elegant refinement of Khemosabi, and the brilliant ability of Traditio and Gdansk.

Eluzcion has earned the honor of being named by Arabian Horse World magazine as the #1 Sire of Junior Performance Winners for 2001.  So you know it's not just our opinion that his foals will always elude to greatness in the show ring—like their sire!

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Pedigree for HR Eluzcion
1993 Chestnut Arabian Stallion, AHR*502116
BA Bey Elation Huckleberry Bey Bay El Bey *Bay-Abi
Taffona Raffon
Eletta V Traditio Gdansk
Essauldra *Essaul
HR Dancin Fame Fame VF Bey Shah Bay El Bey
Star Of Ofir
Raffoleta-Rose Raffon
Leta Rose
Colombia Khemosabi Amerigo
Otrysa *Cytrys

Show Record

1998 U.S. Nationals | Stallion Halter | Top Ten
1998 Daffodil Show | Country English Pleasure Novice | First Place
1998 Daffodil Show | Country English Pleasure Junior | Reserve
1998 Region 5 | Champion Stallion
1998 Region 4 | Reserve Champion Stallion
Scottsdale 1998 | Reserve Champion | Stallions of 1993
1996 Region 4 | Reserve Champion
1996 Region 5 | Unanimous Champion
1996 Daffodil Show | Show Champion
Scottsdale 1996 | Colts of 1993 | Reserve Champion
1995 Region 5 | Top 5
1995 Cascade Summer Show | Champion Stallion
1995 Daffodil Show | Champion Stallion
Scottsdale 1995 | Colts of 1993 | 3rd on the cards

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